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As of September 2013 Gymstarz and Jumpstarz created a new support group for the clubs which was to be run by the parents of some of the participants of the clubs.  The group was created so that parents and guardians can get involved and support the overall running of the club, and be the voice for other parents.  The current team has several members and host monthly meetings where they get togther and discuss any issues, upcoming events or results and feedback from these events, our funds that we have from fundraising activities or what to spend this on.  The list goes on.  The meetings are joined by various coaches of the clubs and sometimes even the centre manager. 


Before each meeting an agenda will be set and during the meeting minutes will be taken.  Any parent that has children within the clubs or shows an interest in these clubs are welcome to join.  We are always looking for new members to join the group.  Once the date of the next meeting is set, it will be announced on here incase you would like to come down and listen in or even voice your opinions.  If you are unable to attend the meetings but still interested in being involved in some way, please email Lucy at, so she can add you to our mailing list or for more information contact 01925 822632 or you can fill in the contact us form at the bottom of the page. 


Welfare Officer

Lucy Kirkham

Our clubs are registered with British Gymnastics.  We have adopted their policies for Child Protection, Health, Safety and Welfare, Equity and Code of Practice and all officials, coaches, members and parents must adhere to these policies.  All our policies and terms and conditions can be found on the links page of this website, where you can view and/or download a copy of these.


Our clubs are now registered and have acheived the 'GYMMARK' status.  In addition to this we have a welfare officer in place to deal with any child protection/poor practice issues.  Information of this is below.



Name: Lucy Kirkham


Email Address:


Lucy is the registered welfare officer for our clubs.  She has children that attend the clubs and is a member of the PSG group that always attends the monthly meetings.

Parent Support Group Latest Information

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Hello and Welcome

Gym and Jump Starz Parent Support Group are a committee of parent volunteers that support the club with fundraising, event planning and help  at events.

We meet around once every two months to discuss fundraising ideas, organising ongoing events and get updates on how the club is doing.
Parent support group members and coaches attend these meetings.

Parent support group are always looking for extra people to help in any way they can, as much or as little as you can,fundraising ideas or help at events, every little helps.
If you would like any more information please contact the recreation centre on 01925 815069 or you can email me directly at



Lucy x